You Can't or You Won't?

I just can't do this! I have no experience. I wouldn't have a clue how to even start. I am not talented in that area.  I would  just make things worse.  People have told me I am to dumb, lazy, weak, small, big to accomplish that.

What is your excuse?  Mine was always that I didn't have a clue where to start or I listened to what other people said.  I was always taking the pessimistic view of things. I didn't even think of myself as being a pessimistic person. I thought I was a POSTIVE person.

Anytime I tell myself "I Can't", I am not being positive. All I have to do is look back. I see many things I accomplished that when I started, I didn't have a clue.  I was able to do these things by learning. Finding someone to teach me. Reading up on how to do different things. 

I am starting a new job on August 6th. I have been hired to do the maintenance on 35 apartments. I have NO experience! I am going to have to learn fast! Plumbing, Electrical, Plastering, and Paper Work,  all in the job description.  I CAN do this. I must do this. This is a two person job as my wife will be responsible for  keeping the apartments full and doing all the paper work for the government as this is a subsidized housing complex for people over 62 who are low income or people with disabilities of any age.  My wife can do her job, but if I fail, we both fail. I CAN DO THIS!

We all must choose.  Can we? or Can't we? I choose to believe that I can. And I will!!


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